Welcome to The Small Group Network

Your friends are here. Choose any plan to join.

This Is What You're Looking For

The Small Group Network is made up of Small group veterans, volunteers, experts, and rookies. We know that ministry is about people. So join us in being better together.

So What Is It?

Good question! SGN includes all of the following and more:

  • Chat, questions and answers, and community
  • Courses and workshops designed with YOU in mind
  • Live events, meetups, and networking events
  • Training and tools
  • Friends

Free Access To The Leading Experts On Group Ministry

Have a question? Just ask!

If you are new to groups ministry, or trying to take things to the next level, you don't have to do it alone, and you don't need to reinvent the wheel. Find out what works from people who are in churches just like yours!

Even if you ARE the groups expert, this is still the place for you. Share your own particular insights and expertise. We would love to find out what God is doing in your ministry!


Have We Got A Deal For YOU

We get it, courses are expensive. They’re expensive to make too. And if you’ve got a team of people, buying courses for each person adds up.

That’s why we are offering the ALL ACCESS subscription. You get everything for everyone anytime you need it!

It costs just $49 a month and gives you access to the network (of course, that part’s free!), all our existing courses, AND all of our upcoming courses.

Yes, There’s More!

We are small group people. That means we are people people. So joining ALL ACCESS also means getting heavy discounts all in person events. Like 50% off the next LOBBY Gathering!

And for our initial launch period, each subscription is a church license. Meaning everyone on your team gets ALL ACCESS. It would pay for itself after just one event!

So join now before the introductory offer of a churchwide license expires!

Which Plan Should I Choose?

Good question! Let's do some math real quick. Do you plan:

  • Taking more than 2 courses?
  • Having 2 or more people at your church take a course?
  • Plan on attending 2 or more small group conferences?
  • Having 2 or more people attend at least 1 conference or workshop?
  • Any combination of courses or events in a year?

If you answered yes to any of the above the ALL ACCESS plan is for you. 

If you just want to check out one of our courses or attend one event then stick with the free plan. Either way, the community is included and that is the best part. So you really can't go wrong!